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To: Congressman xxxxx

From:  Donna Garner

Re:  HB 5 – NCLB Reauthorization

Date: 7.9.15


[This International Business Times article (posted below) exposes just one of the many things that is tucked inside these omnibus NCLB reauthorization bills.  Texas Sen. John Cornyn helped to get this amendment passed ( as a part of ECAA/SB 1177.  The amendment will take money from classrooms and put it into the pockets of financial consulting firms that most certainly will continue to give Sen. Cornyn (and others) campaign funds. 


Rather than an omnibus NCLB reauthorization bill, Congress should have passed a very limited bill that was focused solely on dumping the Common Core Standards Initiative and all of its tentacles.  Instead Congress is in the process of passing a massive omnibus bill in which all sorts of harmful things (e.g., Cornyn’s amendment) are buried, not the least of which is an emphasis on subjectively scored portfolios and project-based learning – the very same philosophy being driven into the schools by CCSI – 7.6.15 – “Open Letter to Congressmen: ESEA Reauthorization” by Donna Garner —


Another very troubling aspect of the ESEA Reauthorization bills is that they will require educators (who are not trained psychologists nor psychiatrists) to rate (quantify) students (starting with Pre-K) on social/emotional/behavioral/psychological factors.  Because of the data tracking put in place by CCSI, this data will follow a child from Pre-K clear into his career placement with no chance for parents nor anybody else to remove such data.  Little children can do perfectly innocent things while they are young that inexperienced educators (or those with a twisted bias) might quantify as being abnormal.  How terrible for a piece of data collected on a Pre-K student to label him for the rest of his life!


I am very disappointed that you ignored the warnings that I documented in the following article.  One of the worst things that could happen would be for our private schools to take one penny of public dollars because of the insidious requirements under Title IX that private schools would have to follow:  3.2.15 “Not So Fast: A+ Amendment Has Real Problems” — by Donna Garner —


Your vote yesterday in the House to pass HR 5 opens the door for all sorts of mischief to be included in the final omnibus bill to be sent to Obama for his signature.  God help us if the implementation of the NCLB reauthorization bill falls under the Obama administration.  Waiting to pass the reauthorization of NCLB for two more years (until Obama is out of office) would have been a much better plan of action.



Donna Garner




7.9.15 – International Business Times


Senate Passes Bill Letting Schools Give Education Money To Financial Consulting Firms


By David Sirota @davidsirota
Matthew Cunningham-Cook
Andrew Perez @AndrewPerezDC on July 09 2015 8:50 AM EDT


Excerpts from this article:

…What is clear is that school districts’ reliance on outside advisers has created business opportunities for the financial industry. And now, thanks to an amendment to federal education legislation moving through Congress, that lucrative market for financial and consulting could become even more flush with cash — specifically, with federal money meant for impoverished children.


The legislation [SB 1177 – Every Child Achieves Act of 2015] was tucked into the Senate version of a massive K-12 education funding bill currently up for congressional reauthorization. The amendment from Sens. Mark Warner, D-Va., and John Cornyn, R-Texas, would allow local officials to divert money from the federal government’s multibillion-dollar fund for low-income school districts and use the cash to hire financial consulting firms. Both lawmakers are among the U.S. Senate’s top 10 recipients of campaign money from the financial industry, and Warner is a former venture capital executive.



Please go to this link to read the rest of the article:




Donna Garner

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