Common Core advocate resigns suddenly from Board of Education

Oct 16, 2013 by

Florida’s Board of Education meets in Tampa Tuesday to discuss the implementation of hotly debated state education standards, but without a key advocate of the Common Core concept.

Board member Sally Bradshaw, once a top aide and adviser to former Gov. Jeb Bush, resigned suddenly from the panel on Monday. In a letter to Gov. Rick Scott, Bradshaw cited unspecified “family obligations” for leaving at a pivotal point for the education board.

The resignation comes a month after Bradshaw criticized what she said was a lack of direction by Scott on the state’s commitment to Common Core.

Her departure is significant because of her ties to Bush, the nation’s leading advocate for the Common Core standards. Bradshaw served as chief of staff under Bush during his tenure as governor.

And her resignation comes less than a month after Scott announced Florida would pull out of a standardized test being developed with 45 other states under the program amid growing pressure from anti-Common Core groups.

Scott began backing away from Common Core in August. A series of three public meetings on the issue are scheduled this week, including the first Tuesday in Tampa.

Common Core supporters see the standards as benchmarks for various subjects to assess whether students really know something or have just memorized answers.

Instead of simply answering a math problem correctly, students are supposed to be able to use critical thinking to explain why they came up with the correct answer.

Ultimately students will be better prepared for college and the work force, proponents say.

But opponents say the standards are inferior and mine too much private information about students. They fear the effort will allow the federal government to exert control over what is being taught in local schools, typically the purview of the state and communities.

Bradshaw adds to the state of flux for the state’s education system under Scott. In less than three years, Scott has had four different education commissioners.

Bradshaw’s term on the board was already scheduled to come to a close in December. She has been on the board since September 2011.

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