Common Core apologists have new excuse for its opposition

Aug 14, 2014 by

After enduring some setbacks lately, Common Core supporters have yet to find fault with the education standards they are espousing.

Rather than finding fault with the standards, supporters now say that they’ve been “too factual,” relying on facts and figures instead of making an emotional appeal.

But Neal McCluskey of the Cato Institute says that just isn’t true, telling OneNewsNow that a claim of “dispassionate analysis” is itself “unfactual.”

McCluskey contends that most of the Common Core proponents’ strategy has been to attack the other side.

He adds: “Arguing in favor of the Core has seemed to be only a small part of their overall strategy, most of which has been to attack and to denigrate Common Core opponents.”

One example would be a Missouri state rep’s idea to budget “tin foil hats” for Common Core opponents.

Last fall, Education Secretary Arne Duncan dismissed Common Core opponents as “white suburban moms” who were finding out their children aren’t as “brilliant” as they believed.

What Common Core supporters are finding out, McCluskey says, is that strategy isn’t working.

McCluskey says the real problem has been that there hasn’t been enough honest debate about the national standards, which should have taken place a long time ago.

via Common Core apologists have new excuse for its opposition.

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