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Who is In and Who Is Out of Common Core Assessment Consortia


Last year we offered a list of what states were where with Common Core Assessment Consortia.  In 2015 who is still in?  Who is out?  Also listed is each state’s testing company (if available).

First who is still in…

Smarter Balanced still has the largest consortia with 19 states plus the U.S. Virgin Islands.  States in bold are questionable in the future:

  1. California (Educational Test Service)
  2. Connecticut (RFP out)
  3. Delaware (American Institutes for Research)
  4. Hawaii (American Institutes for Research)
  5. Idaho (RFP out)
  6. Maine (American Institutes for Research)
  7. Michigan (Data Recognition Corporation)
  8. Missouri(CTB/McGraw Hill) – passed a Common Core review and replace bill
  9. Montana (None)
  10. Nevada (Measured Progress)
  11. New Hampshire (RFP out)
  12. North Carolina(None) – this is another state that should be leaving as a Common Core review and replace bill was passed.
  13. North Dakota (RFP out)
  14. Oregon (American Institutes for Research)
  15. South Dakota (American Institutes for Research)
  16. S. Virgin Islands (N/A)
  17. Vermont (RFP out)
  18. Washington (American Institutes for Research)
  19. West Virginia (RFP out)
  20. Wisconsin (RFP out)
  21. Wyoming (None)

PARCC has 12 states plus the District of Columbia:

  1. Arkansas (Pearson)
  2. Colorado (Pearson)
  3. District of Columbia (Pearson)
  4. Illinois (Pearson)
  5. Louisiana (Pearson)
  6. Maryland (Pearson)
  7. Massachusetts (Pearson)
  8. Mississippi (Pearson)
  9. New Jersey (Pearson)
  10. New Mexico (Pearson)
  11. New York (Pearson)
  12. Ohio (Pearson)
  13. Rhode Island (Pearson)

There are 13 states that dropped out of their consortia with three states that never joined one.

  1. Alabama – withdrew from Smarter Balanced and PARCC (ACT)
  2. Alaska – withdrew from Smarter Balanced (KU Center for Educational Testing and Evaluation) they never adopted Common Core (though their standards look strangely identical)
  3. Florida – withdrew from PARCC (American Institutes for Research)
  4. Georgia – withdrew from PARCC (CTB/McGraw Hill)
  5. Iowa – withdrew from  Smarter Balanced, still listed as an affiliate (currently Iowa Testing Programs).  Assessment Task Force recently recommended Smarter Balanced, Legislature still needs to decide.
  6. Indiana – withdrew from PARCC (none) and Common Core, but rebranded.
  7. Kansas – withdrew from Smarter Balanced (KU Center for Educational Testing and Evaluation)
  8. Kentucky – withdrew from PARCC (Pearson, ACT)
  9. Nebraska – never adopted Common Core (N/A)
  10. Oklahoma – withdrew from PARCC and Common Core (None)
  11. Pennsylvania – withdrew from Smarter Balanced and PARCC (Data Recognition Corporation)
  12. South Carolina – withdrew from Smarter Balanced, review/replace Common Core bill (None)
  13. Tennessee – withdrew from PARCC (Pearson, Measurement, Inc.)
  14. Texas – never adopted Common Core (N/A)
  15. Utah – withdrew from Smarter Balanced (American Institutes for Research)
  16. Virginia – never adopted Common Core (N/A)
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