Common Core Collaborators

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Common Core Collaborators: Six Organizational Portraits

Richard P. Phelps –

Historical, financial and media analyses of the organization that spawned the Common Core Initiative, the two copyright holders, two of the paid proselytizers, and the delivery vehicle, where the reputed CC “architect” now runs things (for a cool annual salary of well over a $million).

The Organization Named Achieve: Cradle of Common Core Cronyism (26 pp)

The Council of Chief State School Officers and National Governors Association: Whom do they serve? (23 pp)

Real Clear Propaganda: Bellwether’s Education News Bias (28 pp)

The Thomas B. Fordham Foundation and Institute: Influence for Hire (30 pp)

Does College Board Deserve Public Subsidies? (45 pp)

Citation: Phelps, R.P. (2018). Common Core Collaborators: Six Organizational Portraits Nonpartisan Education Review / Articles. Retrieved [date] from

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