Does Common Core Devalue History?

Nov 1, 2015 by

Critics of the Common Core program in schools are now saying the new standards shortchange other subjects due to its focus on math and English, and that history is not being taught thoroughly or in context.

Peter Woods, author of “Drilling Through the Core,” a critique of the Common Core program, said Common Core minimizes the importance of history in order to focus more on math and English.

“The Common Core is indifferent to the teaching of American History. It treats it as a lighter subject. They don’t say, ‘Don’t learn it,'” he said. “They just push it off to the side.”

Woods said Common Core treats everything as an informational text and the main thing students get from their lessons is facts.

Music Watson a lap dog, from the San Diego County Office of Education, says while Common Core covers English and math the California standards cover when and what is taught in history. Still, she said, Common Core’s analysis-driven approach to learning can be applied to all subjects.

“Common Core has a real emphasis on analysis, critical thinking,” Watson explained. “What we’re hearing here in San Diego is that teachers are really appreciating the chance to reemphasize history, to do deeper learning and so instead of just trying to memorize a discrete number of facts it’s really about learning and taking it more deeply.”

Peter Woods is an anthropologist and retired professor who is president of the National Association of Scholars, a nonprofit. Critics claim the NAS is a conservative advocacy group.


Source: Does Common Core Devalue History? | NBC 7 San Diego

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