Common Core finding little support in WV

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BRIDGEPORT – “Common Core” is a term on the lips of many educators and state legislators. That was particularly true during recent legislative interim committee meetings in Bridgeport. Basically, the reference is to an educational evaluation program geared toward setting standards for students who are heading to college or to working careers.

In fact, more than 200 people attended a presentation on the program by Dr. Sandra Stotsky held at the Courtyard Marriott on the day prior to interims.

Mingo County Delegate Harry Keith White, who was not able to attend the presentation, said he did “hear plenty about Common Core in Bridgeport,” however. White said his involvement with education and the fact that his wife is an educator played some role in “making people discuss this program with me.” Although he did not give his wife’s viewpoint, White said, “Nearly everyone who has talked to me has said this is just not good,” speaking of Common Core.

Although White said that the decision to implement the program in West Virginia public schools was “made from the top down,” he said he believes it has been implemented too quickly and without enough consideration to the thoughts of school teachers and administrators at the local lvel.

“Everyone knows the state school board made the decision to implement this program without much consultation with anyone,” said White. “I just think more consideration should have been given to those who must now make the program work for our students.”

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