Common Core not right for New Hampshire

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The new Common Core Standards has generated controversy around the country. In a recent Huffington Post article, “How the Common Core Lost Teacher Support” Peter Green explains why support among teachers is plummeting.

Green highlights the numerous reasons why teachers are seeing significant problems associated with this latest education reform fad.

Within this latest education reform is the data mining of information on students and their families.

In 2010, two assessment consortia (PARCC and SBAC) won money from the federal “Race to the Top” Grant. The Smarter Balanced Consortium will be the assessment New Hampshire schools will be administering in 2015.

The SBAC received funding from the Federal Government and within the cooperative agreement the consortia had to agree to deliver student-level data to the U.S. Department of Education.

While Common Core does not require data collection, the data mining of information is part of a broader scheme.

“Race to the Top” required states to use one of the national assessments and to implement a longitudinal database. Since there is a federal law that prohibits the Federal Government from developing a national database, the “Stimulus Bill” provided funding to states to develop identical databases. This essentially created a de facto national database.

Through the cooperative agreement with the SBAC, the Federal Government now has the means to see any data collected on students who take the test. This has drawn such concern from parents around the country that U.S. Senator Markey (D) sent a letter directly to President Obama.

Some states have wisely abandoned their commitment to using one of the two national assessments and now we are seeing a large amount of parents refusing to allow their children to take the standardized tests too.

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