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Subject:  “Sen. Dan Patrick Requests TAG Opinion on Common Core Standards vs. HB 462”


Requested by Sen. Dan Patrick on 12.20.13 – Accepted by Texas Attorney General on 12.23.13 –


Sen. Dan Patrick’s official request to the Texas Attorney General: 


Re: Request for an Attorney General Opinion to determine whether Texas’ school districts violate the law [HB 462 passed by the 83rd Legislative Session] by using Common Core to teach state standards.



Excerpts from Sen. Dan Patrick’s request:

HB 462, which is now law, Sen. Dan Patrick State Standards Initiative to comply with a duty imposed under statutory provisions relating to courses of study in the public school curriculum and student advancement. It also prohibits a school district from using Common Core State Standards to comply with the requirement to provide instruction in the essential knowledge and skills [TEKS] at appropriate grade levels, and it prohibits a school district or open-enrollment charter school from being required to offer any aspect of a Common Core State Standards curriculum.


Finally, the law prohibits the Texas Education Agency from adopting or developing a statewide standardized test based on Common Core State Standards. However, certain school districts within Texas are currently using Common Core to teach the Texas state standards.


Accordingly, I submit to your office the following question in request of an Attorney General Opinion:


Does a school district using Common Core in any way to teach state standards [TEKS] violate the law?





Subject: Request for Opinion (RQ) (Texas Attorney General’s Office)

From: Texas Attorney General <>

Date: Dec 27, 2013 3:23 PM



Go to:

Received: Monday, December 23, 2013

Re: Use of the Common Core State Standards Initiative by Texas school districts to teach state standards

Requestor: The Honorable Dan Patrick

Chair, Committee on Education

Texas State Senate

Post Office Box 12068

Austin, Texas 78711-2068


*I inserted the capital letters on “Common Core State Standards” and added bracketed information for clarification to the public. – Donna Garner



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