Common Core implementation called ‘worse’ than launch

Nov 8, 2013 by

aftWhether you support the Common Core State Standards or don’t, it’s hard to argue that the implementation so far has been smooth. I’ve posted some pieces about just bad the implementation of the Common Core State Standards and related testing has been going  in New York (for example, here) but here’s a comparison that will make it easy to understand just how badly it has gone:

You think the Obamacare implementation is bad? The implementation of the Common Core is far worse.

That’s what American Federation of  Teachers Randi Weingarten said this week at a National Education Writers Association in Washington D.C., according to the online Capital publication — and it’s important to remember that she has been a supporter of the standards initiative.

Weingarten said that education officials in New York have done a terrible job helping teachers prepare to teach lessons based on the standards and, in a rush to implement the Core and give students Core-aligned standardized tests, provided packets of lesson plans, while some districts bought material from corporations rushing to get it on the market. Capital quoted Weingarten as saying:

Common Core implementation called ‘worse’ than launch.

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