Common Core is not ok stand in

Apr 24, 2013 by

This coming Wednesday, April 24th, Restore Oklahoma Public Education (ROPE) will be leading a ‘stand in’ at the Oklahoma State Capitol. This stand in is to keep opposition to the Common Core curriculum that is being imposed on public schools in front of Oklahoma legislators.

HB1907 which would have created the “Common Core Task Force” was voted out of the Rules Committee and was subsequently killed by Governor Mary Fallin. This task force would have studied the costs involved in adopting, implementing, and aligning the state subject matter curriculum with the K-12 Common Core State Standards (CCCS). CCCS is the move toward federalizing state school curriculum. It will adopt data-gathering technologies that will track children through their schooling and beyond. It will implement online curricula that parents will not be able to examine.

This ‘stand in’ is the first in a series of events that will protest Common Core until the end of the legislative session in May. Participants are encouraged to create posters on poster board with no sticks or stakes that says, “Common Core is NOT OK.” They are to bring their posters to the 4th floor rotunda of the state capitol by 11:00 am. The ‘stand in’ will last until 12 noon. There will be no speakers nor will there be a program. Participants will simply occupy the space with their posters.

For more information on Common Core, readers may link to the following websites.

Common Core is not ok stand in – Oklahoma City Political Buzz |

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