Common Core is sneaking its way into Texas

Nov 22, 2013 by

Ben Velderman –

LONGVIEW, Texas – The Lone Star State is only one of five states not involved in the Common Core experiment, but lessons aligned with the nationalized learning standards may still be showing up in some Texas classrooms.

During Monday’s well-attended meeting of the Spring Hill Independent School District’s board of trustees, parent Rhonda Anderson said she has seen assigned worksheets that have the words “Common Core” printed at the bottom, reports

Anderson took special exception with one such lesson that took a swipe at fossil fuels.

“With oil wells here on the school property, I don’t think we need to be teaching our children that fossil fuels are bad,” Anderson said, according to

Parent Terri Hill echoed those concerns about Common Core being snuck into classrooms. Hill added that the much-hated, Texas-only CSCOPE curriculum is still being used in some classrooms, despite assurances from state lawmakers last May that schools would be barred from using the lesson plans beginning with the current school year.

A state law also requires school officials to consult with parents and taxpayers before making any significant changes to the curriculum. If the district is dabbling in Common Core and backsliding in its use of CSCOPE, parents need to know about it.

CSCOPE generated some national headlines earlier this year after a large number of Texans became concerned that CSCOPE lessons in their local schools were too controversial. One infamous lesson compared the Boston Tea Party to an act of terrorism.

A more thorough explanation of the CSCOPE controversy can be found here.

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