Common Core changes the meaning of education

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Huxley’s “Brave New World” constructs an environment where individual identity is stripped by a government that controls nearly all aspects of life through classical social conditioning. Not far from that fictionalized dystopia is an emerging education paradigm in America similar in philosophy and structure. This paradigm is a reappearance of the progressive education theories found in the California Learning Assessment System and School-to-Work that dominated politics two decades ago. It competes against traditional and direct academic instruction advocates who oppose diluted academics, “student-centered” instruction and social emotional learning programs.

In a traditional or classical education model, the primary focus is the transmission of facts and knowledge related to math, science, literature and history. Filling a child’s mind with rich content leads to critical, abstract thought required for a free society. Further, traditional learning is a continuum where young students absorb facts and information in the early years in preparation for more advanced studies in grades six through 12. By the time a student graduates, they are fully capable of discerning their own values and attitudes about the world. The latest government education paradigm, known as Common Core, however, is in the business of shaping attitudes, values and dispositions.

Parents do not want government determining their child’s values; they want public education to reflect their own values. California, however, is moving quickly down the tracks on this experimental bullet train to implement a bold framework that places a tremendous emphasis on untested, experimental SEL programs rather than tried and true traditional learning. The lack of transparency between the goals of this reform and how it has been sold to parents has led to much controversy and deception. This discrepancy was revealed at the Orange County Board of Education special meetings on Common Core last fall.

Source: Common Core changes the meaning of education – The Orange County Register

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