Common Core still not popular or working in New Canaan or America

Sep 13, 2014 by

After a wonderful summer spent with family and friends, it appears that the education reformers, including our leaders in Hartford didn’t take a break. As school gets into full swing, it is a good time to catch up on recent news. Until now, New Canaan’s transition to the new education standards and related reforms has been relatively seamless for many of us, mostly because our awareness has been limited. Almost completely opposite of how the Affordable Care Act came into existence, education reform quietly arrived in our country, state and town with nary a public discussion, very little media coverage, and surprisingly, not even a legislative vote.

That tranquility may soon dissipate. Across the country, families are realizing that a de facto national system of education has sprung up, effectively taking over their public schools, and violating longstanding practices about personal privacy. Funded by government, philanthropic and corporate interests, the new model, with common standards at the core, is heavily dependent on assessments, data gathering and technology, usurping local and parental control at almost every turn. And parents are not happy. In fact, in the most recent Gallup poll about Common Core, 62% of parents oppose these new standards.

Parents and families can, and should, call or write legislators to express concerns, and certainly should consider these reforms before voting in the next election. In the short term, learning all we can is our best defense to ensure our children’s interests and needs are both protected and met. Families will want to know about some recent key points and updates surrounding education reform in Connecticut:

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