Common Core Protesters Give Jeb Bush a New Hashtag: #StopJebNow

Jun 18, 2014 by

Education policy was Jeb Bush’s political salvation. After his first bid for Florida governor in 1994 ended in defeat, he threw himself into founding the state’s first charter school in a blighted Miami neighborhood. He went on to serve two terms as the state’s “education governor” and become a national policy expert.

Twenty years later, education policy has become a potential liability, should Mr. Bush run for president in 2016, because of his support for the national academic standards known as Common Core. The initiative is increasingly viewed as the precursor to a federal takeover of local schools among the conservatives who dominate GOP primaries.

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via Common Core Protesters Give Jeb Bush a New Hashtag: #StopJebNow – Washington Wire – WSJ.

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