Common Core being replaced with even worse curriculum

Sep 23, 2014 by

Common Core opponents are beginning to fear that Core standards may persist even if legislation is passed to replace them with state standards.

In the early pattern of states that have rejected the Common Core, educational standards undergo only relatively minor changes. As a result, even states that oppose Common Core could wind up with what some would consider a watered down version of the Core.

Jane Robbins of the American Principles Project says that’s what happened in Indiana.

“They had their commission set up to redo the Indiana standards,” she says. “And, lo and behold, they cut and pasted and they came up with another version of Common Core – except in some respects the standards aren’t even as good as Common Core, which is kind of a disturbing thought.”

She says one thing standing in the way of real change is fear over retaliation for refusing the Common Core.

“A lot of people in the government are afraid that if they actually exercise independence, they will be punished by the U.S. Department of Education,” she tells OneNewsNow.

“And so they cower in the corner. Legislation that’s on the table now in several states is being written very specifically to prevent that sort of thing from happening.”

Robbins says Common Core as it is currently envisioned has “zero” chance of surviving for the long haul. Too many parents and politicians are pushing back, she explains.

via Common Core being replaced with even worse curriculum, says group.

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