Common Core Report: Grading the 2016 GOP Candidates

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8.20.15 –  “Common Core Report: Grading the 2016 GOP Candidates”


From:  American Principles in Action, The Pulse 2016, and Cornerstone Policy Research Action




Emmett McGroarty, Director of Education, American Principles in Action and founder of

Ann Marie Banfield, Cornerstone Policy Research Action

Jane Robbins, senior fellow, American Principles in Action

Erin Tuttle, Hoosiers Against Common Core

Heidi Huber, Ohioans Against Common Core

Shane Vander Hart, founder of and contributor on

Kristen Lombard, founder, Resounding Books PAC

Terri Timmecke, Stop Common Core Louisiana





Ted Cruz – A-

Rand Paul – A-

Bobby Jindal – B+

Lindsey Graham – B

Rick Perry – B

Rick Santorum – B

Ben Carson – B-

Donald Trump – B-

Carly Fiorina – C+

Mike Huckabee – C

Marco Rubio – C

Christ Christie – D+

Scott Walker – D+

Jeb Bush – F

John Kasich — F

To view the Table of Contents for the report:  Page 1

To view the Executive Summary – Page 4

Candidates’ Statements and Actions – Page 31


To read the entire report:



Donna Garner

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    Donald Trump is 100% against Common Core. Why do you give him a B- ?

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