Common Core Standards: What to Make of This Problem

Sep 18, 2014 by

Khanh Ho –

The new school year has begun, and one of the issues on the lips of every educator and every parent is this: Common Core Standards. For those who don’t yet live in the nightmare that is public education, Common Core Standards represent an overhaul in the educational system–a set of standards for learning outcomes held, not by separate states, but our nation as a whole.

Parents often find themselves perplexed by this new game-changer. Is such a move worthwhile? Will it promote greater learning? Will it ensure college admission? Will it prove a boon in the job market? How do you get a handle on it?

I suggest approaching the issue with this idea: Common Core Standards can best be likened to the new nutritional standards that have driven reforms in the school lunchroom. Just as the Obamas have attempted to rid our nation of childhood obesity and the specter of diabetes, so they have put our minds on a diet, too.

But viewed this way, there are still nagging questions. On the one hand, these new standards seek to elevate the situation of youth, bringing a benchmark of excellence to intellectual attainment. On the other, these new standards also seem to pose a threat–creating a series of standards that are less about education but more about bureaucracy.

In other words, Common Core Standards really seem to represent an entirely new set of boondoggles–intellectual labor that involves the filling in of ditches with the dirt dug from different ditches, the kind of work that is fruitless…

So in the end, I have come to this sad realization: Common Core Standards is the equivalent of a steamed burrito in a plastic pocket–enough nutrition but not enough nutriment…

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