Should Common Core be Taught in Schools?

Jul 15, 2015 by


Michael F. Shaughnessy –

Sadly, Jay Leno has retired, and along with Jay went one of his most famous sketches—“JayWalking” where Jay basically went out into the streets and asked a few people some questions that the general public should know. Sadly, Jay found out that some general information seems to be lacking or forgotten or never learned.
In the spirit of ” Jaywalking ” and to help Donald Trump, I am providing the question above for the Miss USA Pageant.
The question is very similar to the question for the Miss USA contestants, back in 2011 which I procured from You Tube.
I think it would be interesting to ask the Miss USA contestants if the Common Core Should be Taught in Schools.
Below is a representative sample of answers from some contestants regarding the question- ” Should Math Be Taught in Schools”

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