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pod castWomen on the Wall Radio Show with Alice Linahan and Rebecca Forest – Guests Merrill Hope, Sharon Clutter, and Donna Garner





Sharon Clutter is a concerned parent/grandparent. Toward the end of the audio clip, Sharon explained how a private Christian school in her town is being incentivized to coordinate children’s Common Core lessons with the federal government’s national data base, the utility companies, and the EPA.  It is an unbelievable true story and clearly shows how incestuous Obama’s various government agencies really are.  


Merrill Hope made some valuable contributions as she explained exactly how a Common Core classroom looks.  Her descriptions along with Alice Linahan’s lucid comments will help parents to learn to recognize the dangers of CCS and to “connect the dots.”  



Along with discussing Bill Ames’ eye-opening 12.7.13 article (“ObamaCare and CSCOPE Both Beyond Fixing” — ) and Mike Huckabee’s questionable position on CCS  (12.8.13 – “Mike Huckabee and Common Core” – by Donna Garner — ), the guests talked about Kathleen Sebelius and the fact that she was the chair of the National Governors’ Association from 2003 through April 2009.  This was right when the Common Core Standards Initiative (CCSI) was being formulated.  Clearly, Sebelius was there at the inception of CCSI undoubtedly colluding with Obama, Bill Ayers, and Linda Darling-Hammond. 


As Sebelius’s reward for helping to create ObamaCore, Obama appointed her as the Secretary of Health and Human Services; and it is she who is the all-powerful implementer of ObamaCare.


It is no coincidence that Kathleen Sebelius is a key player in both ObamaCare and ObamaCore; she is the embodiment of Obama’s social justice agenda!  


Unfortunately, Linda Darling-Hammond is also one of the key players because she will be determining what questions will be put on children’s Common Core assessments.  “What gets tested gets taught.”  To learn more about Darling-Hammond, please go to:


Obama seems to have a penchant for appointing the worst possible people to positions around him – all of this occurring to the detriment of our country.


It is up to the moms, pops, grandparents, and citizens to fight back. 


Today Janet Wilson has launched and #SayNoToCommonCore to encourage parents to opt their children out of taking the federal government’s Common Core assessments. 



Donna Garner


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