Common Core will face challenge in Louisiana Legislature

Oct 14, 2013 by

common core gearsxCentral Louisiana lawmakers had a mixed response to a New Orleans-area representative’s recent call for the state to halt implementation of new education standards.

Louisiana adopted Common Core State Standards three years ago. School systems must implement the standards for all grades by the 2014-15 school year, though many districts, including Rapides, already are doing so.

State Rep. Cameron Henry, a Republican from Metairie, said recently he plans to file legislation to stop Common Core from being implemented.

Rep. Terry Brown, I-Colfax, Sen. Bob Kostelka, R-Monroe, and Sen. Neil Riser, R-Columbia, said they would support Henry’s legislation.

“I’m very much in favor of blocking it,” Brown said. “We live in a representative democracy. When the majority of the people are opposed to it, we should do what they want.”

“I think we need to at least delay implementation of Common Core,” Kostelka said. “The so-called standards have not been set or even agreed on. Several other states have already delayed implementation, and the governor and Superintendent (John) White, I understand, are having second thoughts and are saying it’s up to the individual school districts to design a curricula. Thus it can’t be a ‘common’ core.”

Rep. Herbert Dixon, D-Alexandria, said he was “strongly leaning” toward opposing any halt to the implementation of Common Core.

“We have 45 state governors who, along with their chief education advisers, put these standards in place,” Dixon said. “Also, it would not be fair to say at this late date we want to back out. That would put a lot of local school systems in a bind during these tough economic times.”

Dixon said that if legislation is passed to halt or block Common Core, he would offer legislation to reimburse school districts for the expenses they incurred in the expected transition.

Sen. Rick Gallot, D-Ruston, said he has concerns about the speed at which Common Core is being implemented, but will withhold a decision on Henry’s legislation until a bill is presented. He is particularly interested to see if the legislation is a delay in implementing Common Core or an abandonment of it.

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