Common Core: Will it hurt struggling readers?

Mar 14, 2013 by

Core logoReading is NOT a developmental issue!Too often teachers have been mislead regarding reading acquisition and hurt children along the way. Considering1 in 5 has a reading disability it is unfair not to teach these students properly. Minority kids take the brunt of failed methodology.

By Laura Robb

I worry that the way many states want teachers to implement the Common Core State Standards will result in a larger population of students who struggle with reading and writing.

The Common Core’s explanation of “the reader and the task” makes clear that it is the teacher who has the knowledge about his students reading abilities; it is the teacher who can best decide whether students can read and learn from a specific text.

However, I see the Common Core in conflict with itself because the standards say that that all students should be reading complex, grade-level texts by the end of the school year. If a teacher decides to offer English language learners or developing readers texts they can learn from, texts two to four years below grade level, the teacher uses his decision-making power under “the reader and the task” — but his students’ won’t be reading on grade level by the end of the year.

via Common Core: Will it hurt struggling readers?.

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