Common Core would standardize national education, eliminate…

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More than two dozen people staged a protest outside the Marion County School System’s Technical Institute Wednesday.

They were there to protest a plan called “Common Core,” a common curriculum that would be used across the country.

“We plan to fight ‘Common Core’ tooth and nail throughout the state of Florida. We have people all over the state who are beginning to learn what ‘Common Core’ is all about,” said Marguerite Cavanaugh, a protester.

It’s a federal program that creates a single set of public education standards from state to state.

It takes effect next year. Parents in line to pick up their kids from Osceola Middle School had no idea what it was or had not heard of it.

Andrea Messina of the Florida School Boards Association said local school boards are always concerned about local control.

“That’s one thing local school districts have worked hard to protect,” Messina said.

At a training session, school board members from eight Florida counties tried to learn how Common Core would work.

Channel 9 asked Angie Boynton of the Marion County School Board if she has reached a conclusion on whether the plan is good or bad.

“I reached a conclusion before I got here. It was I didn’t like it. Now, I’m just opening myself up to understanding how to work with it,” Boynton said.

One change for Florida means no more FCATs. There will be a new test that students in every state will have to take.

Parent Shameeka King said she doesn’t know what to expect from Common Core.

“But I just hope it doesn’t hurt other children,” King said.

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