Common Core’s chaotic debut has union president calling for Obamacare-like ‘midcourse corrections’

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – The fumbling and bumbling way Common Core is being implemented in schools across the U.S. is drawing comparisons to the chaos surrounding the implementation of President Obama’s new health care law.

Various media reports suggest educators in several states are confused about how to teach the new standards.

Louisiana teachers, for instance, are reeling from the removal of the state’s old curriculum – with its “almost day-by-day instructions on what must be taught” – and scrambling to design lessons to fill in the newly created gaps, according to

Some Louisiana lawmakers say the Common Core transition is leading to “chaos in our schools,” the news site adds.

If Louisiana teachers are left to navigate Common Core on their own, teachers in one New York district have the exact opposite problem.

According to American Federation of Teachers President and Common Core cheerleader Rhonda “Randi” Weingarten, fifth-grade teachers from Long Island “have been told to follow a new, scripted 500-page curriculum pretty much to the letter.”

In a new Huffington Post op-ed, Weingarten likens the scripted teaching to a straitjacket, adding that “without time and training for teachers to absorb, adapt and apply the new material, (it) won’t improve student learning.”

Weingarten offers a Ted Cruz-like solution to the nation’s Common Core woes by calling for a moratorium on any penalties teachers may suffer due to their students’ poor performance on Common Core-aligned assessments.

“There is no shame in midcourse corrections, as we have seen with the Affordable Care Act,” she notes.

The unionist goes on to warn that without some corrective action, Common Core could be “torpedoed” by its “bad execution.”

“If Common Core is sunk – by default or design – it will undercut our ability to give all kids access to what they need to succeed and, of course, will undermine confidence in public education,” Weingarten concludes.

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