Common Core’s main goal career preparation

Jul 31, 2013 by

by Larry Arnn and and Daniel Coupland –

In its wisdom, the state of Michigan has adopted the Common Core State Standards, a national framework for K-12 curriculum. The Common Core is sponsored by the federal government and promises stimulus money, a nice incentive given the demands, for example, of the expensive No Child Left Behind Act.

Most states have adopted this core, but support for it is weakening nationwide. Michigan is one of many states taking a second look.

Common Core is an excellent idea, except for three things. First, it is not a core, and where it is similar to a core, it is a bad core. Second, “career preparation for a global economy” is not the ultimate aim of education; people are not factors of production. Third, the federal education bureaucracy does not have Constitutional power or ability to prescribe curricula.

Larry Arrn is president and Daniel Coupland is assistant professor of education at Hillsdale College. Arnn is testifying today on the Common Core before a state House education panel.

via Common Core’s main goal career preparation | The Detroit News.

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