Communications Class Tackles ‘Whiteness’ With Two-Hour ‘Whiteness Forum’

Dec 7, 2016 by

A two-hour “Whiteness Forum” was held on the campus of Cal State San Marcos last week that explored white privilege and its oppression of people of color as part of a communications class, reports The College Fix.

Multiple displays were on hand covering such topics as the “white beauty standard,” “whiteness in the court,” and “Gentrification is the new Colonialism.” Games such as “Wheel of Whiteness” quizzed attendees “on facts and figures relating to race.”

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Professor Dreama Moon — that’s Dreama Moon — teaches the communications class all about “Communicating Whiteness.” Moon said the point is “to learn how to have a conversation with people, to engage.” This forum is designed to help students learn better and they will if “they actually do something as opposed to just hear something,” Moon said.

Moon address the gathered crowd to the forum, telling them, “One thing you can do today is to begin to educate yourself about white supremacy and learn how to not support it and how to help eradicate it.” She encouraged them to visit the table labeled “boycott/support” to discover “businesses that support your values.” There were several companies listed for boycott “in the aftermath of Donald Trump,” such as NASCAR, the UFC, Jenny Craig, Macy’s, Hobby Lobby, and Amazon. Also on site was a table inscribed with “Make America White Again” and suggested Trump’s candidacy caused a surge in hate crimes.

Moon’s syllabus describes whiteness “as a system of power based on racist ideology maintained discursively, institutionally, and materially” and states the course will explore  “whiteness as a historical, social, political and ideological ‘invention’ with a long trajectory within the United States and in the world”:

“Remember that no one, regardless of color, escapes whiteness altogether. Many of the values and privileges of whiteness are built into academic discourse, law, education, and other social systems. Whiteness is even deeply connected to the identity formation of U.S. people of color as well as white folks…

“The objective of the forum is make whiteness visible in a critical way for faculty, staff, and students on our campus as well as the greater community. The forum WILL NOT be a simple cultural celebration of whiteness, but an arena for critical education.”

Critical education? Now that’s funny, right there.

Source: Communications Class Tackles ‘Whiteness’ With Two-Hour ‘Whiteness Forum’ | Truth Revolt

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