Communism’s Best Kept Secret

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Jay P. Greene – I noticed Mike Petrilli’s latest post on Flypaper and EdNext Blog about how Common Core will be great despite signs that it is being hijacked and misunderstood.  If only we implement the standards as he understands them and ”we don’t let misguided ideas stand in our way,” it will signal ”a return of history, civics, literature, science, and the fine arts to the elementary school curriculum.”

I tried to think of where else I’ve heard this argument and then I realized that Mike’s piece must have been mangled when it was posted.  I think I’ve been able to reconstruct what his original submission must have looked like, and here it is:

Communism’s Best Kept Secret

Shout it from the rooftops, tell all your friends: The Communist era signals a return of equality, decency, and brotherly love. That’s if we don’t let misguided ideas stand in our way.

If this is news to you, you’re not alone. But Karl Marx is doing his darndest to spread the word:

The success of Communism, adopted by more than 29 countries, is supremely important for many reasons, not least because of the recent intensification of global income inequality. But if you look at the actions of those 29+ countries, you will see that they have fallen short of Communist ideals and misunderstood the true spirit of our movement.

There’s a lot about Communism’s implementation that’s tough work and highly controversial. This is not one of them. What workers or vanguard of the proletariat don’t want to usher in the new utopia? Equality, dignity, compassion? Yes please!

Yet the revolutionary leaders might still find a way to screw this up—because they think gulags for dissenters and dachas for the elite are necessary.

So spread the word. As Marx urges in his article’s title, “Workers of the World Unite!  You Have Nothing to Lose but Your Chains.”

Equality is back!

Communism’s Best Kept Secret | Jay P. Greene’s Blog.

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