Why More Companies Are Offering Educational Opportunities

Jun 22, 2016 by

Some of the largest and most successful corporations know the value of providing educational opportunities for their employees. Companies such as Geico, owned by Warren Buffet and Microsoft, a Bill Gates conglomerate, offer an amazing number of educational opportunities to interested personnel who want to grow in keeping with their company’s mission statement. Following examples such as those, more companies are now offering room for educational advancement to their employees because of the following three primary reasons.

Reassures Employees of Their Value within the Company

When an employer offers staff a chance to better themselves on either a personal or professional level, they feel as though they truly are a valuable asset to the company. “If the boss cares enough to help me grow as a person and within the company, I really must matter to them,” is a statement often voiced by employees given the opportunity to further their education. It is no secret that an employee who feels good about himself will perform better and take less time off due to unexplained ‘illnesses.’ Looking to boost morale and increase productivity? Offer your staff an opportunity to further their education.

Increased Productivity

Not only will employees who feel better about themselves perform better as a result of ongoing education but they will learn certain skills that will increase their productivity as well. In addition to feeling better about who they are on a personal level, they will learn through innovative online programs like the Six Sigma White Belt to reduce waste and streamline many processes to boost productivity well beyond current capabilities. The White Belt is the first level within the program and from there employees can be certified in other ‘belts’ all the way through to the coveted Black Belt and Master Black Belt in Six Sigma.

Great for Recruiting Top Talent

Many entry level employees can advance further within the company once they have demonstrated they are a team player and have the appropriate skills. Entry level employees rarely do have the requisite training and so educational opportunities offered by the employer help them gain those skills. Whether paid out of pocket and reimbursed once the course is completed, it is an amazing opportunity to grow personally and within the company. When recruiting top talent, it is good to keep in mind that much of it is ‘raw talent’ meaning not yet tried and tested after high school or college. These entry level applicants know they need to progress in order to advance and when educational opportunities are part of the benefits package they are more likely to apply than not.

These are really just some of the highlights of why more and more companies are offering opportunities in education for their employees. In all, it makes good sense to help employees grow as people and within their job capacities. Consumers will also respect companies that care about their employees and it will come full circle back to you. Give your employees the means to grow and they will help you grow as well. This is one cycle you’ll come to love. Growth begets growth – and so it goes on.

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