Comparing Instagram And Other Social Media Channels Statistically

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There are different types of surveys and studies conducted that shows the importance and dominance of Instagram over other channels. This hard data will help you to formulate your social media strategy.

  • These facts will also help you to know which particular platform is best for your social media strategy.
  • In addition to that you can stick to your budget when you formulate your marketing plan. Here it is for you, arranged according to different major social channels.

Here it is for you, arranged according to different major social channels.

Social media is helpful for all

If you consider the general social media statistics you will see that social media on the whole is growing and out of all the channels Instagram happens to be the most favored one.

According to studies it is revealed that:

  • 3.48 billion people currently use social media for personal or for business use which is 45% of the total population of the world. This is actually an increase of 9% from the figure of last year.
  • It is also seen that there are about 366 million people who are new to using social media in the past year. That means it is a little bit more than a million people joining social media every single day.
  • In addition to that the access to mobile social media is also on the rise and there are about 5.11 billion people have mobile phones at present which is an increase of 2% from last year.
  • Out of these 5.11 billion people, 3.26 billion of them use their phones to access social media which once again is an increase of 10% from last year.

Studies also reveal that social media is integrated into the daily lives of people as well. The data shows that:

  • People on an average spend about 2.5 hours on accessing and surfing social networks looking for information and checking their messages every day
  • 69% of all US adults use at least one such social media channel and on an average an adult has about 7.1 social media accounts
  • 88% of the citizens using social media are of the age between 18 to 29 years and
  • 51% of the users who belong to the age group of 18 to 24 years confess that it is hard for them to give up using social media.

As for the brand, the studies also reveal a few interesting facts as to why they have embraced social media for increasing traffic to their site, especially Instagram, such as:

  • 90% of the brands feel that social media and Instagram is the best platform to create more brand awareness
  • 58% of them say that measuring the ROI is a challenge and only 34% of them are able to do so
  • 28% of all social media marketers have either already applied social media to their business strategies with or without the help of experts likeStormlikes
  • It is expected that this number will be up to 77% and most of the businesses will have at least10 social profiles.

The consumers are also benefitted extensively with the use of social media in marketing by the brands. More than 40% of consumers use these networks, especially Instagram to research on new brands or product launch.

The useful features

Instagram is literally taking social by storm. It is all due to its features and effectiveness in reaching a large number of people. The Instagram Stories as it is are all set and expected to outpace feeds this year.

  • Studies show that there are about a billion people using these stories and these are growing in popularity because these are more than 15 times faster than feed-based sharing. As for the brands, there are about 80% of them that use these stories for the social media marketing campaign.
  • Another important feature of Instagram that is extremely helpful for the businesses is the Instagram Ads feature. Most of the businesses that use social media platform rely on paid ads but with Instagram ads businesses can gain a lot of organic traffic, sales and business prospects.

It is seen when social advertising is concerned that 53% of businesses use social advertising and the social media ad spend is expected to reach $93 billion in 2019.

The research also says that:

  • There are about 7 million business accounts that use paid advertising on Facebook
  • 2 million businesses use ads on the Instagram platform
  • The number of YouTube ads has nearly doubled in the past couple of years and
  • That of Pinterest ad users have increased by 50% as compared to the past two years.

Social ad spend is growing

With such features and benefits of social media and Instagram in particular, the media advertising spending on global scale as increased by 32% in 2018 and is expected to increase even more in 2019. Considering the rate of growth pf usage of social media, the spending in the next five years is expected to increase by an additional 73%.

  • The advertising revenue of Facebook was more than $55 billion in 2018 and 93% of that ad revenue came from the mobile ads.
  • Instagram also was not far behind with an estimated $6.84 billion in mobile ads in 2018 which is above the $3.64 billion mark of 2017
  • The Twitter ad revenue was 2.6 billion in 2018 with an increase of 25% from that of 2017
  • The YouTube ad generated $3.6 billion in video ad revenues in 20`18 in the US alone which is an increase of 17.1% from 2017
  • Pinterest ads is expected to produce $771.4 million in revenues in 2019 which is an increase of 39.4% than that of 2018 and
  • Snapchat ad revenue is estimated to reach $660 million in US which is an increase of 18.7% from that of the last year.

With such huge amount spend on each of the social media channels, it is needless to say that social media channels have got huge prospects to take a business high up in their growth graph.

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