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COMPASS test is an abbreviation for the College Placement Tests. Established by the ACT, COMPASS test is a set of exams that test various skills of the candidate. The tests evaluate the candidates’ reading, writing, and mathematics skills. COMPASS test is often utilized in colleges to determine what subject a student is best suited for (depending upon the individual intellectual capabilities).

COMPASS exam is an online test that allows the candidate to proceed to the next question only if the previous answers are correct. The difficulty of the increases with each step. The questionnaire comprises of questions with multiple choices. The questions vary according to the individual’s capability. Though COMPASS contains different segments such as the English language, reading and writing skills, and mathematics, it is a decision of a candidate how many segments to take. The alternative to taking the exam for a single component is also available.

  • The segment of English writing skills comprises of questions designed to evaluate the grammatical and content writing ability of the candidate.
  • The segment of English reading skills comprises of questions supposed to be answered upon the comprehension of the reading pieces of different genres provided.
  • The mathematics section of the test includes the questions from the topics such aspre-algebra, algebra, advanced algebra, geometry, and trigonometry.
  • The results of the test are displayed in the format of a percentage of the correct answers given according to the difficulty of the questions.
  • The educational institutes that undertake COMPASS test usually cover the expenses such as registration of the candidate and other fees.+

Reasons to get COMPASS certification

COMPASS test is particularly important as it determines what courses a student is eligible to register for in the first term of college. Performing well in COMPASS test can enable a candidate to skip the basic-level or elementary courses. COMPASS certification validates the individual’s capability to take high-level classes on subjects that he/she is well versed in. This test will not only save your time but also will give you an opportunity for an in-depth study of the desired subject.

How to gain COMPASS certification?

Every candidate who takes COMPASS test gets certified. However, since COMPASS test does not follow a pass or fail system, the percentage obtained at the end of the test determines the eligibility of the candidate. Some institutions require students to get a particular score in order to skip introductory-level classes.

Tips for passing COMPASStest

Preparing and taking COMPASS test can be a challenging experience for a lot of the candidates. The pressure to perform exceptionally well or even score passing marks can be difficult to deal with. However, following a few simple tricks will help you to pass the test with ease.

  • Firstly, COMPASS test has no time limit, so you can take your time to answer each question without haste.
  • Secondly, it is a good idea to use the same tools that you used for your preparation for COMPASS exam. For example, use the same calculator for the math exam. Being familiar with its functions will save you from getting flustered during the test.
  • Thirdly, there is no scheme of the negative marking in COMPASS test. However, the difficulty level of the questions varies and this will impact your final score. Therefore, only a thorough preparation can ensure a smooth clearance of the exam.
  • If you are sure of an answer, go for it. Avoid doubting yourself, but remember: read the questions carefully.
  • Lastly, stay focused and be confident. Try not to get distracted and be sure that if you have studied, practiced, and revised properly, the results will surely reflect your hard work. Don’t forget to take some breaks from studying.

Advantages of applying for COMPASSTest

  • Enhance your problem-solving abilities

Taking the exam will improve your understanding of the various concepts and help you to obtain the requisite problem-solving aptitude.

  • Easy to select courses

The exam will help you to choose the courses that are suitable for you. It will help you in filtering out the courses you don’t need to take.

  • Choose the University easily

The exam will help the students to select the appropriate university on the basis of their scores. They can make a choice of the universities which are offering the desired course or program.

Top web resources for COMPASStest preparation

We understand that preparing for COMPASS test is not a piece of cake. Most candidates don’t have any idea on how to study or where to start from. If you are one of them, don’t get stressed. All you have to do is to form a schedule and develop a study pattern in order to cover the syllabus. To crack COMPASS test, practice is the key.

Tips for the exam

  • To ensure that you have all the important topics covered, we suggest you follow the study guide made available through the official website of COMPASS test. Ensure that you study the provided material thoroughly and answer the practice questions to consolidate the knowledge.
  • After studying the guide properly and gaining the required confidence, you can test your skills by taking the practice questions that are available for free on numerous web platforms.
  • These study guides, tests, and quizzes are created to coverall parameters of COMPASS test.
  • A proper practice for the exam is required. Candidates should spend an ample amount of time studying the materials mentioned above. Take multiple mock exams – they will not only test your skills but give you confidence as well. Working harder on the weaker segments of the syllabus shall ensure the desired outcome. If you consistently score well in the mock tests, you will definitely get a good score in the actual exam.

In conclusion

In most situations, candidates receive their COMPASS scores immediately after completing the test. The final report consists of the scores obtained, the courses that the student is eligible to enroll, and the courses the candidate can skip. Depending on the educational institute’s policy, the candidates who did not score well in COMPASS test, may or may not be allowed to appear for the test again.

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