Competitions for Slots in Social Media Platforms

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It’s difficult to think of any other industry in the history of civilisation that has accelerated as fast as social media. Indeed, the first recorded flight was in 1903 and by 1969 we’d landed on the moon. That’s a pretty quick turnaround considering we were still flying propellor aeroplanes in 1945.

However, when you consider that the world wide web has only existed since 1989 and wasn’t widely accessible until the late 1990s, look at how it governs our world today. We’re totally reliant on it for literally thousands of everyday roles, from flying huge passenger aeroplanes around the world to buying a pint of milk. Social media is a whole new chapter though, especially for slot brands such as Wizard Slots.

Throwing slots into the mix

It’s no real surprise that online slots and social media have found each other. Much like the Lady and the Tramp munching on the same strand of spaghetti, they were always inevitably going to meet. We live in a world where if something makes money, I mean a lot of money, the Ven diagrams start to overlap.

Social media and online slots are both huge financial juggernauts, and if you’re an older gambler, it may be inconceivable to imagine how the two co-exist. However, the online slot industry simply won’t stop its insatiable quest for more sign ups, so developers have to think of new ways to attract more people to the market. 

One of these new ways is through social media slots competitions. It makes the gambling experience a lot more sociable, and therefore attracts a wider range of people.

The need-to-know facts about social slots 

With social media slot competitions the emphasis is on having fun, without the stress of possibly losing your money. Although this may not appeal to some people, it does appeal to a lot more. Yes, the buzz of playing slots is the chance you have to win a life-changing pay-out, but not everyone is in the financial situation where they can afford to play. Social slots just widen the door of accessibility.

There are other reasons too:

  • Most social slots are completely free to play and come with bonus free coins
  • You can buy extra coins with cash
  • You cannot win real cash with social slots
  • Social slots are available on browsers (as websites), in the form of mobile apps, and on social media platforms like Facebook
  • They are very popular in countries like the US, where real money online gambling is illegal
  • Heavy competition due to it being a free platform means that spin providers have to give away freebies and bonuses to reel the big fish in – but they have no idea what’s about to hit them when you come along!
  • They frequently give away more than 10x free spins to new customers! An offer that cannot be refused to any knowing bettor
  • More often than not, there are options to try the casino games for free, meaning you get to judge which spin is best for you and more importantly, you are in control
  • If you do not like it, move to the next of thousands of spin games on social media 

Competitions to try

1)     Hit it Rich!

2)     Slotomania

3)     Big Fish Casino

To play, all you need is a Facebook account or email and you can access the website on PC or download the app on a mobile device. They’re compatible with all kinds of OS – Windows, OS X, iOS, Android, and more. 


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