Condi Rice Being Floated as VP Choice

Jul 16, 2012 by

by Donna Garner

Condi Rice says she is “mildly pro-choice.” How can a person believe “mildly” in killing babies in the womb?

I do not want Condi Rice as Mitt Romney’s choice for Vice President. We certainly do not want a VP who is a “heartbeat away” from the Presidency but who believes in “mildly” killing unborn babies.

Condi is a one-dimensional candidate; she may be an expert on foreign affairs (e.g., Russia, Afghanistan, etc.); but what does she know about domestic problems such as creating jobs, getting us out of debt, securing the border, fixing healthcare, and reversing the over-reach of the federal government into the public schools through Common Core Standards/Race to the Top?


Condi may be a nice person, but I know many nice people who certainly are not equipped to be VP (or possibly President in a crisis).




I believe Condi is weak on the very issues that are destroying our culture. We need a Vice President (possibly the President in an emergency) who is strongly pro-life, pro-marriage, pro-traditional values, and who is willing to fight to preserve them. It is those values that should drive our domestic and foreign policies.




What is more sacred and basic than the recognition that all life comes from God and that we must protect what He has created?



Here is a way to send Mitt Romney a message about choosing Condi Rice as VP. All you do is vote “yes” or “no,” and you do not have to give your e-mail address nor zip code –



[I do not know for sure whether Romney’s team is checking the Right Scoop website, but this site is quite well known and seems to experience a great deal of traffic. Also, I imagine the people behind the Right Scoop have figured out a way to send their poll results to Romney’s team. At least this site offers the public a way to express our opinions on Condi, and it is worth a try.]



Someone wrote to me today and said:


The selection of Condi will signal to me that Romney will put 1 to 2 more John Roberts type ‘conservatives’ on the court, tinker with ObamaCare while leaving it largely intact, and leave many of Obama’s policies and people in place…Condi is the estrogen version of Colin Powell — far from being a principled conservative — just a Republican icon.”


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