Confession Time: We Texans Know About Ted Cruz

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Confession Time: We Texans Know About Ted Cruz”

By Donna Garner



In all fairness, we Texans have had a sizeable advantage over the rest of the country because we have followed Ted Cruz’s life and career for many years. 


What makes many of us Texans value Ted Cruz so highly is because of his proven record to stand for the Constitution even if it means alienating other people.


We Texans well remember the horrible crime committed by illegal immigrant José Ernesto Medellín in 1993. Two innocent girls, 14-year old Jennifer Ertman and 16 year-old Elizabeth Peña, were walking home in Houston and decided they would take a shortcut through a secluded area. José and members of his “Black and White” street gang captured and repeatedly raped and murdered both girls. At José’s trial, the details of his handwritten confession indicated that after the girls were raped, he stomped on the neck of one girl and strangled her with a belt. The other girl was strangled with a shoelace: José held one end of the shoelace while another boy held the other end, watching while it cut into the girl’s throat.


José was convicted and sentenced to death, but that is not the end of the story.


In 2004 while President George W. Bush was in the White House and Condoleezza Rice was the Secretary of State, the judicial arm of the United Nations (a.k.a., International Court of Justice, World Court) decided that José’s case should be reopened because he had not been informed by the police of his right to contact his consulate even though José had lived as an illegal immigrant in the U. S. almost all of his life!


Gov. Greg Abbott was the Texas Attorney General at the time, and Ted Cruz was his Solicitor General whose job as lawyer for the state of Texas was to defend the laws and the Constitution of the State of Texas and represent Texas in litigation.  Both Gov. Abbott and Ted Cruz agreed that the World Court had no right to subject state and federal courts to the authority of the United Nations.


Unfortunately, because of particular political circumstances at the time, President Bush, Condoleezza Rice, and the U. S. Solicitor General Paul Clement (all Republicans and all people Ted Cruz respected highly) decided that Texas should obey the World Court’s decision. This would have meant that José Ernesto Medellín, a rapist, torturer, and murderer of two young girls, could have been set free.


Gov. Abbott agreed that Ted Cruz should go before the U. S. Supreme Court to plead Texas’ case, saying that no President – not even a friend and fellow Republican – should be allowed to defy the Constitution by allowing the UN World Court to bind the courts of the United States.  


Strong forces were gathered against Ted Cruz – opposing legal briefs from 90 foreign nations, the European Union, experts on the World Court, the American Bar Association, and one of the biggest law firms in the world that represented José Medellín.


After using amazing strategies, Ted Cruz was able to convince six out of eight members of the U. S. Supreme Court to vote his way even though it meant he had to stand against his friends and members of his own Republican Party (e.g., Pres. Bush, Ms. Rice, and Paul Clement).


On Aug. 5, 2008 at 9:48 P. M., José Ernesto Medellín was put to death while the families of both Jennifer Ertman and Elizabeth Peña were there as witnesses.


The case of Medellín proved that the UN has no authority whatsoever to bind the United States and that no President – Republican or Democrat – has the Constitutional authority to subvert U. S. sovereignty.


Knowing this about Ted Cruz’s courage under fire, we Texans were not one bit surprised when he went into Iowa, the “ethanol subsidies state”;  and instead of campaigning to get votes by supporting the ethanol subsidies as so many of the other candidates did, Ted Cruz carefully and patiently explained why all subsidies end up helping lobbyists and hurting farmers.



This short video demonstrates why Ted Cruz needs to be the next President of the United States because he has the courage to stand strong for the conservative values that have made America great.  He also has the ability to articulate that position to other people:   



1.31.16 — LINK TO 7.31 MINUTE YOUTUBE — Watch Ted Cruz Get Ambushed By Angry Iowa Farmer, Then Turn Him Around:



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  1. Mary Grabill

    Ted has proven over and over again that he stands for right and the constitution. He needs to be our next president.
    He says what he will do and does what he says.

  2. Dawn Compton

    Fellow Patriots, your assistance is needed! we are gathering other #NeverTrump, #Freethedelegates, #Delegateunbound and any other individual who would like to join us in voicing our distain for the Democrat nominated Republican PRESUMPTIVE nominee. There are many volunteer positions at the convention so everyone can find something that interests them. We are a carpool caravan, patriot helping patriot. While there we can work too help shield the delegates from some of the abuse they have been and surely will endure. We need a massive amount of people too attend I order for the caravan too be a success. We need people who can offer rides in every state, we need people who have funds to help finance the trip, we need people too stay and man the keyboards to organize during the events, we need EVERYONE to share EVERYWHERE. That is the ONLY way that this will work. We have zero time and it will take a miracle to get this off the ground, but I believe in miracles and I have been praying for God too save us from ourselves. I believe he will, but we will have to fight for it, by first stepping out in faith. Please join us!

  3. Jim

    Ted Cruz is a great guy but he is Canadian, his parents took Canadian citizenships, voted in Canada which did not allow dual citizenship. Even Ted admits that he cannot be President, but is now willing to subvert the U.S. Constitution.

    • Brande

      Are you kidding me!! You can’t be that naive. This argument was challenged in court 6 times and struck down in each court. He was raised here and didn’t know about his dual citizenship until he was an adult. Once he realized it, he denounced his Canadian-ship. He has done more for this country and for the good of this country then any other current candidate running. Show some respect.

    • Paul

      Bull crap, he has stood before five courts, one being in Trump’s back yard, and proven without a doubt a United States citizen.So get your facts straight.

  4. Beverly Shank

    LABEL OUR FOOD for GMO. This is a deal breaker for me. Eat it if you want but I am passionate about having our food labeled as I do not want to eat Roundup or glyphosate which we know is in GMO products. Laboratory tests have proven this. Ted Cruz has gone all in with Monsanto. I suspect because he received money from them. He calls those who do want their food labeled “anti-science Zealots” I wish he would study the lab results and realize why so many countries do not allow GMO products grown in their countries. They are chemicals we want to avoid eating. This is a deal breaker for me. Americans should have the right to know what is in their food. LABEL IT!

  5. Patti ruff

    I love Ted Cruz. At the beginning I was for Trump but I saw how trump ruined everyone with his lies about everyone. How do we stop Trump before he calls Putin a liar. Or Trump says Putin has been mean to him. Oh god who
    would be worse for our country Hil or Trump
    those cant be our choices. I have a aunt in Texas that believes Ted is a liar because Trump
    pinned that on him. people like my aunt are going to vote on Tuesday and probaley not for Ted Cruz. All because of Trumps dangerous mouth. HELP

    • mike

      I think you have been hoodwinked by a double talking liar politician lawyer . How can your wife be in the CFR and she stated she supported the CFR task force paper on uniting Mexico USA and canada with American jobs going to Mexico to stabilize them

      you can not serve two masters Cruz stated the CFR are pernicious snakes but his wife was a member until he ran for the senate
      Cruz stated the CFR is anti America and yet Elliott Abrams crafted Ted Cruz’s foreign relations plan google Elliott Abrams CFR , Cruz stated he admires this man
      you can not serve two masters

      • Paul

        Bull crap, he has stood before five courts, one being in Trump’s back yard, and proven without a doubt a United States citizen.So get your facts straight.

      • Paul

        Read the hit piece on Heidi Cruz, then you spin it the way you wish it would sound. The key is that she is in economics not politics. It sounds good if you improve your neighbors economy yours will improve too.The political side is more complicated, we are dealing with a government that is even more corrupt than our government is at this time. We give billions of dollars to that money only to be shared with the elite and criminal elements.

  6. lala

    We Texans stand 300$ behind Ted Cruz. Only the liberal crazies in the big Texan cities are against him.

  7. Windell Splawn

    I am from Texas, I am amazed how our nation has been blessed by this man of character and wisdom.

  8. Tell us about his religious history including 7 mountain dominion theology and dominion theology in general!!!

    • Neil Reed

      Yes Tell us about his father calling Mormon’s cultist! Tell us about the flight from Cuba,tell us about his time in Canada! I’m a Texan,Republican all my life and you have to call a spade a spade and Cruz isn’t what he claims! Cruz is for Cruz,a Lawyer,Perfect job for him,lie or cheat to win a case! Fits him to a T!

  9. tony

    But we have Hillary soliciting the UN to order the US to confiscate firearms from our law abiding citizens. There may be other countries also, it was a while ago.