Confessions of a High School Bully

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I’m one of four kids. Middle-kid syndrome is totally real. You need attention and feedback and you get off on interacting with other people. My strategy was to project confidence; I was a people magnet and I got off on manipulating what I attracted.

I had been president of my class every year. One year, there was this girl I did not like running in the student-body elections. I knew she had a crush on my boyfriend. So, I took the ballots. I knew the guidance counselor wouldn’t question me, and I walked in to his office and said, “Well we have a tie, it’s between Anita and three others. I think you should let me interview them and then I’ll just pick who’s best.” He was like, “That’s fantastic!” I held interviews and obviously Anita was not in that student body. That gave me such a high.

I charmed all of them. I even had teachers pull me aside and say, This boyfriend isn’t for you!” or “You need to apply to better colleges.” It was power. But I was never satisfied. I always wanted more. Once I said: “I need keys to the school because I’m planning all these events,” and the administration was like “Okay, here are the keys to the school.” I didn’t realize that the way I acted was bad — I thought I was deserving.

We called ourselves “the Crew.” We made T-shirts with our nicknames on the back. There were seven of us, and some people would come in and out. I always had a “number two” but it would change depending on who made me upset or who someone was dating. If they dated someone I didn’t like, I’d switch them out.

In Anchorage, we didn’t have a lot of brand-name shops. But still, we had a uniform. For the guys, it was Abercrombie sweaters with Timberland shoes and for girls, we always had infinity scarfs, little shrugs, and Ugg boots. I always wore heels. The first day of AP history I went up to the teacher and I was like: “Hi, my second period is all the way across the school and I can’t make it there in time in heels, so I need to leave two minutes early … every day.”

He just laughed and was like: “Sure … whatever. As long as you’re a good student.” I bet he was thinking: “Who is this girl?”

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