Congress, on Syria, vote “present.”

Sep 6, 2013 by

By Dean Kalahar

In regard to the congressional vote to authorize military force in Syria.

If congress votes against military force, the president stands down, and things go bad in the region, Congress will be blamed.

And if Congress votes for action, the president acts with force, and things go poorly, Congress will also be blamed.

If the president uses force without Congressional approval and it goes poorly he will blame Congress for their lack of support.

And if President Obama uses force without Congressional approval and it goes well, he will take credit,

In lieu of being set up as the scapegoat if anything goes wrong with Syria, or on the wrong side of the issue if things go well in the region, congress should say: “It’s your call Mr. President, I vote present.” on the authorization for the use of force.

For once and for all, the commander and chief needs to be held accountable for his decisions and be forced to take responsibility for the office he asked to be elected into twice.

Mr. President, with great power brings great responsibility. Lives are at stake. Leadership demands decisiveness and personal responsibility. Man up, make a decision as commander and chief and our military will do the job they are asked to perform to the best of their abilities.

Congress is present and accounted for Mr. President. It’s your move.

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