Conservative columnist ousted by vicious leftist bigots at Syracuse University

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Adrianna San Marco has got the last laugh, as did we at the weak arguments and childish mentality of the Left.

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A 19-year-old conservative writer and college sophomore at Syracuse University has experienced firsthand the ignorance, stupidity, and aversion to free speech common on left-wing university campuses today. Not only has Adrianna San Marco gotten the better of them, but their failed attempt to silence her has only increased her determination to speak her mind in the face of their campaign to hush her.

San Marco, hailing from Hollywood, FL, has been a conservative since she started to take an active part in politics. When she was accepted and entered Syracuse University in New York, she was looking forward to writing for The Daily Orange, a fruit-monikered comically leftist rubberstamp publication—though officially non-aligned with the school. San Marco picks up her own story.

“I was so excited to start writing for The Daily Orange as a conservative columnist earlier this year because there aren’t a lot of conservative voices on campus. In fact, as of now there are only two conservative columnists that I know of.

“When I was first brought on as a columnist it quickly became apparent that I might encounter some issues from editors with clashing views. One of the first things that I was asked when I met the Editorial Editor was if I had any ‘extreme’ Republican views. He divulged that there are other students he would quickly turn away because of their conservative ideology. I felt like I was walking on eggshells every time I submitted a pitch.

“I wanted to expand my horizons beyond on-campus reporting, and have more leeway to write on conservative issues, so I jumped at the opportunity to write for LifeZette. One of my most recent stories ‘Why Institutional Racism is a Myth‘ has received widespread backlash from my peers and professors at Syracuse University. From calls to expel me to threats of physical violence it has been a lot to process for me and my family.” (Warning: obscene and threatening language in the following social media posts.)

Undeterred, San Marco forges forward: “But this hatred will not deter me. I’m going to continue reporting on issues that matter, regardless of the triggered liberals that blow up my social media.”

As San Marco recounted, when we heard about her on Facebook this publication scooped her up, such is her promise as a conservative journalist. When LifeZette published the aforementioned piece, we thought it was a fact-based article that used empirical evidence to support her contention. Little did we know, like slow-witted lambs to slaughter, the campus Left would provide us with an entire separate story on left-wing censorship and their low rent hatred of free speech and free thought, not to mention their slobbering tendency towards vulgar racial bigotry.

Here are some more of the mature and free-thinking geniuses San Marco had to contend with. Athena wrote, “I just read your article and you sound like an actual f**king white supremacist”

Hanz dictated: “@SyracuseU this girl should, at the very least, be considered for suspension for incredible academic negligence. Is this how you teach your students? To create such a false conclusion based on one study debunked by its own writers? This is pathetic. Expel her.” Jawohl Gruppenfuhrer Hanz, expel her ve must! By the way, the story was not debunked by the authors. Herr Hanz just made that up.

The campus Left’s response to the article, and The Daily Orange’s decision to cravenly sack San Marco, provided grist for our editorial mill and reminded those who needed the hint that the toddler progressive racists and kiddie Stalins at Syracuse University are not even competent censors, much less frightening enough to intimidate a young woman as sharp and self-possessed as San Marco.

They are just a pathetic band of cretins united only in their general slovenly attitude to truth and likely much else. Their lame and laughable threats aside, these Not Ready for Prime Time Trots and Tankies have proved a valuable boon to the Right, for as they embarrass themselves every time they open their slack-jawed yaps, they provide us with much unintentional amusement. Thanks, Bolshies!

Source: Conservative columnist ousted by vicious leftist bigots at Syracuse University

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