Conservative group sues Lone Star College System

Feb 2, 2018 by

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A college system in Texas is being taken to court by a conservative group claiming discrimination.

The student organization Young Conservatives of Texas filed a federal lawsuit Tuesday against officials of the Lone Star College System, claiming the CyFair campus derecognized the group for its conservative views.

Lone Star oversees a community college system in the Houston area.

Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys are representing the CyFair campus chapter of Young Conservatives of Texas and its chapter president.

According to ADF, an official derecognized Young Conservatives of Texas after it posted a video online of an abortion debate that it sponsored with the school’s permission.

ADF says the official then resigned as the club’s advisor because he said the club didn’t obtain his permission to post the video. The official also said the club’s mission didn’t align with the mission of the college.

The lawsuit challenges policies within the LSC System that give officials unrestricted authority to recognize and derecognize student organizations based on whether those officials approve of the viewpoints of the groups.

The suit also challenges policies that require students to pay student activity fees to fund student organization activities but only allow student groups that college officials favor to draw from those funds.

“Public colleges are supposed to be the marketplace of ideas but that marketplace can’t function if only university approved ideas are allowed,” says ADF attorney Tyson Langhofer. “The courts have repeatedly found policies like the ones here at Lone Star unconstitutional.”

OneNewsNow contacted Lone Star College for comment. OneNewsNow was told “Lone Star College does not comment on pending litigation.”

Source: Conservative group sues TX college, alleges discrimination

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