How conservatives are systematically removed from Twitter

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By Brian Maloney –

Are conservative Twitter users finding themselves marginalized or outright removed from the social media platform?

As an active participant with a substantial following, @SLandinSoCal says she has witnessed growing hostility toward those on the right, with the company itself seemingly supportive of these self-appointed censors from the left.

Because of today’s unsettling political environment, we’re using only her handle here.

This is her story:

On Twitter, it has become extremely hostile. Several prominent Trump supporters have had their accounts repeatedly suspended and others have eventually had theirs permanently shut down.

Twitter does not notify you in advance why they are suspending or banning your account. Many users feel they have been wrongly suspended and are victims of harassment and cyberbullying. For others, it goes beyond harassment and bullying, to libel and defamation.

One user was told that the same liberal organizations funding mobs for violent protests (ANTIFA, BLM, et al) are also paying an army of Twitter users to open these new “disposable accounts” to target and harass Trump supporters.

Once they identify a Trump supporter, they “mark” the account by adding it to various lists they create and share. This allows them to “gang attack” that person. They engage in targeted harassment in an effort to bait a response that violates Twitter’s terms of service (TOS).

They “investigate” targets and reveal personal information not shown in their profile. They share your name, links to other social media you may have, where you live, who you live with, your employer (or lack thereof), photos from other sources, email addresses, phone numbers as well as any past history they can dig up.

They even use entrapment, by sending direct messages (DMs) from an account in which they pretend to be a Trump supporter and engage in conversation in an attempt to get any sort of response that they can spin in a negative fashion.

They then use their network to broadcast their findings across Twitter and other social media. When the person targeted responds, the “army” reports them. The large number of reports results in suspension or termination of the person’s account.

I’ve personally been a victim of this type of targeted attack where links to other social media were broadcast, along with my full name, resulting in a torrent of threats and hate messages.

They don’t fear getting their accounts reported and shut down because they are brand new, with few followers. They just open a new one and start again. On Twitter, having a large number of followers means you reach a much far greater audience. Some Twitter users have invested years growing their follower base.

One prominent Trump supporter who was recently attacked had over 150,000 followers. He’s just a good American guy, from a (legal) immigrant family that loves America and wanted to do his part to defend the freedom and opportunity America represents to him and his family.

But this group of thugs maliciously attacked, ridiculed, maligned and harassed him for no reason other than the fact that he supported President Trump.

These attacks are threatening and border on blackmail. This is not a single “bully”. It’s an organized attack on conservatives. The effects are not trivial.

In our current political environment, their actions are placing livelihoods and personal safety in danger.

The sad reality we live in today is that it’s actually dangerous to be a Trump supporter. I never thought I would see the day in America that a person would live in fear because of their political belief. The most prominent target of hate and violence in our country right now is anyone backing this president!

I do think an investigation needs to be launched. Records should be subpoenaed from Twitter to find out who is opening all of these accounts, when it began, who is coordinating it and if they are being paid by a political group.

Source: One user’s story: How conservatives are systematically removed from Twitter | | Media Equalizer

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