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“Contact Tracing – Total Loss of Our Rights As Americans”

By Donna Garner


This video has just been released on 5.25.20; therefore, it is very recent. The woman who has put this video together has gone through nine hours of contact tracing preparation with two certificates to prove it.  She did her preparation in California; however, she presents documents (very disturbing documents and video clips) taken from a number of other states that have already launched into contact tracing.

I started out thinking, “There is no way that contact tracing is ever going to impact me. I am going to refuse to download the 13.5 IOS update on my iPhone. Nobody is going to tell me that I have to be vaccinated for COVID-19.  I am an American with privacy rights guaranteed in our Constitution. This lady must simply be a conspiracy theorist.”   

I guarantee you that my eyes have now been opened thoroughly.  Unfortunately, my own state of Texas has already launched into contact tracing as so many other states have done.  The Texas Department of Health Services has just awarded a $259 Million, 27-month state contract.  However, if our state leaders as well as our national leaders understood fully the ramifications of the grand plan behind contact tracing and the possible passage in the U. S. House of HR 666 (costing $100 Billion), they would nix the entire idea IMMEDIATELY.

This engrossing and very disturbing video has laid out the entire plan. If states have already begun to launch into contact tracing, they must immediately cut any ties to it because if allowed to go forward, nobody in this country could avoid what is sold as being “for the common good” but which in reality is a total takeover of our rights to live as free Americans under the protection of our Constitution. Under contact tracing, our Constitutional rights would be shredded.  

You cannot afford NOT to watch this video; your lives and rights literally depend upon it:


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  1. Jm

    Has anyone tried to get this info into the hands of appropriate sources?