Contraband Teacher Union Jewelry at Bright Horizons Daycare

Nov 12, 2019 by

Brooklyn’s Bright Horizons Daycare takes a dim view of labor relations. Fearing their staff might be pricked in the heart by a teacher union pin they were wearing, and spooked by the risks posed by other tell-tale signs of solidarity visible on their persons, management ordered their removal.

They obviously regard the union insignia as an affront and a challenge to their hegemony in the workplace. 

Bright Horizons Daycare is part of a multi-billion dollar corporation that charges tens of thousands of dollars for tuition and rakes in windfall profits while paying its professional employees a couple of dollars above the legal minimum wage.  They are still smarting from its teachers having voted to join the United Federation of Teachers a while back.  They prefer an adversarial relationship to a collaborative one.

They would like to impose every detail, term and condition of the workplace on its employees and don’t take kindly to negotiating with a professional labor organization. Accordingly they are doing so at a sluggish pace that calls into question not only their good-faith but also their commitment to meet lawful obligations.

After the teachers union involved the National Labor Relations Board, the union accessories will no longer be treated as contraband when affixed to a lapel, et al.

Bright Horizons Daycare should renounce its childish behavior and seriously undertake partnership with the teachers in their dedication to children.  And they’d be well-advised not to underestimate the union.

Ron Isaac

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