Cooper and the Big Apple

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Cooper and the Big Apple

Cooper and the Big Apple

Author: Camille Cohn
Illustrations : Riley Cohn
Publisher : Greenleaf

This is a funny, interesting story about a cat named Cooper who is living his life of luxury in a small city in Texas, ( ostensibly Fredericksburg- one of the most beautiful cities on the face of the earth ) but then he learns that Jennifer, his friend is about to take him on a trip- a trip that will confound and confuse him- because you see Cooper is a cat with autism.

Upon arriving in the ” Big Apple ” Cooper is a bit taken aback- because he does not see any big apples. Cooper is then taken around the city to see the Stock Market- but no stocks, Katz’s Deli- where there are no cats, and China Town, where there is no china to be found to be broken. Times Square of course has no times tables, and Cooper enjoys his time in ” the city that never sleeps” but apparently some people do. In any event, it is good that Cooper was not in the city when it rained ” cats and dogs” because then he would never be able to see Queens ( as you might guess there are no proverbial queens in Queens) . The point of the book is that individuals with autism, or cats with autism, seem to take things in a very concrete manner- so we have to be careful about how we talk and not speak in a half baked fashion or esoteric manner. The book is wonderfully illustrated, and when you buy the book you will learn a lot more about the two wonderful people who created this book about Cooper the Cat !


Reviewed by Michael F. Shaughnessy

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