Coronavirus shop sells face masks, hand sanitizer in Washington, DC

Mar 9, 2020 by

Adilisha Patrom opened up a coronavirus pop-up shop in northeast Washington to sell supplies like face masks and hand sanitizer.

WASHINGTON – If you’re just stopping in for information, Adilisha Patrom is OK with that.

If you ran out of hand sanitizer, she’s got a few extra. One customer didn’t bring cash and her pop-up shop hasn’t been open long enough to accept cards, so she tried to give him a travel-size bottle.

On a street corner in northeast Washington, this small storefront is also selling face masks and care packages while handing out flyers with information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as fears grow around the spread of the new coronavirus.

Patrom, 29, is well aware no cases have affected D.C. yet. (Update, 3/8: the virus appeared in Washington, D.C, over the weekend.) Maryland announced its first three cases on Thursday. And she knows that the CDC is not recommending people who are otherwise healthy to wear face masks. Still, she wants her neighbors to be prepared.

Adilisha Patrom has opened a pop-up shop in Washington, DC to sell coronavirus-related supplies including hand sanitizer and masks on March 5, 2020.

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“We need to be in a mindset that we can be proactive about what it is that we do, rather than react to what’s going on around us, because then you have people freaking out. That’s when you have people breaking into stores,” Patrom told USA TODAY.

“I don’t want this to make people panic, but I want people to question, ‘What is going on around me that I don’t know about?'”

Patrom operates one of the country’s first shops, if not the first, dedicated solely to selling supplies aimed at combating the virus that causes COVID-19.

Her coronavirus pop-up shop has been open for less than a week, and she’s sold about three face masks. They go for $5 to $30, and care packages include multiple kinds of supplies. One has goggles, another contains a surgical mask with a visor attached.

Source: Coronavirus shop sells face masks, hand sanitizer in Washington, DC

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