Cortines calls on warring factions to work together on behalf of L.A. students

Dec 10, 2015 by

In his first public criticism of a massive charter-school expansion plan, outgoing Los Angeles schools chief Ramon C. Cortines on Wednesday referred to philanthropist Eli Broad, who spearheaded the proposal, as “ill advised.”

In an hourlong conversation at The Times with columnist Steve Lopez, the L.A. Unified superintendent also said that he supports offering choices to parents, including charter schools, and said that warring factions need to learn to work together in the interest of students.

“Parents do need choices,” Cortines said. “It’s not just one way…. We need to be collaborating together. Schools are struggling. Charter schools are struggling, parochial schools are struggling…. We need to get on a plan to work together.”

Lopez asked Cortines if the Broad plan, outlined in a confidential draft obtained by The Times, would result in harm to the district and its students. That proposal talked about raising $490 million to move half of Los Angeles students into charter schools. Some critics say that such a migration could threaten the solvency of the nation’s second-largest school system.

Cortines did not directly address the fate of L.A. Unified. But he did briefly take on Broad and the proposal.

Source: Cortines calls on warring factions to work together on behalf of L.A. students – LA Times

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