Cost of Higher Education in the US: A dilemma for the poor

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We live in a world where education has seen reforming changes since the day of its inception. Beyond providing individuals with the textbook oriented knowledge education also helps people to be a better human and reflect their perspective about how they see the society around them. Most people don’t even realize how important it is to be tangled within the strings of knowledge because education is costly in the United States and they don’t want to burn their hard-earned money in the educational institutes deliberately.

What can be the price of education in Europe?

The price of college education in the United States is sky-rocketing. Several institutes are hiking their tuition fees and as estimated by the leading surveys, the average cost of education per year between 2015- 2016 was estimated to be $19,000. But know the same figure has jumped to be nearly around $40,000. The leading institutes come with a price tag of near about $26,120 that makes any student broke enough not to be able to afford his higher education.

The central portion of the hike in tuition fees comprises of the tax in education that the colleges compensate through the pockets of students. To stop this price from rising above the sun, the government should start paying the tax for education and lower the burden of those people who are from the lower middle class or below the poverty line.

What are the future prospects for graduates?

In spite of investing a hefty amount in their graduating studies, a vast proportion of people are roaming in the streets of US jobless or unemployed like anything. In spite of trying hard to meet both ends and completing their education, there are thousands of graduates in Europe who are asking the plight of being thrashed by the vacancies of companies that have their dream job. In spite of studying hard people end up with jobs that pay them for peanuts.

Employment opportunities are getting scarce, and priorities are given to people who have done their degree from some other distant places. Recommendations are a well-spread affair. To cope with this, the government should also promote employment. Almost 70% of students work to complete their education and so if they won’t have a job to do how they are going to cope with the demanding attributes of higher education.

Can education can ever be free?

Yes, it can be. Just like food, water, and shelter, education these days has also turned out to be one of those basic requirements to live that cannot be denied. Right to education is the right of every citizen, and this is why every government, as well as individual education institutes, must emphasize qualitative education that is for free. This is when a country can make its resources flourish.

There are also many institutes that have then the initiative for Study in Europe for free. Scholarships aren’t a hefty affair these days, and a lot of students are also being benefited from it. Isn’t the world-changing?

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