Could A Third Lockdown Impact Child Development?

Jan 21, 2021 by

New Research Broadens Our Understanding of COVID-19 in Kids - ACEP Now

The emotional rollercoaster that most adults are experiencing throughout each lockdown is one thing. However, some children in their early years are going through an apparent regression each time, which is impacting their development.

If your early year’s provider has nursery management software, chances are you are managing to keep updated with relevant resources and messages, among other necessary communication. Though, there are still many things that your child could be missing by being in lockdown.

As a third lockdown is underway, could another one affect your child’s development?

Social Development

One of the most significant concerns with development right now is the social aspect. Children develop social skills from a young age when they start nursery. Interacting with other children, sharing toys, asking questions, and being curious are all parts of the social development that takes place at this time.

While social skills may still somewhat develop at home, the necessary kind of interaction found at the nursery will not be an option. A nursery is an essential part of any child’s growth. For limited impact on your little one’s social development, finding games and activities to strengthen social skills will be useful to do at home.

You might also find it helpful to spend time every day fully engaging with your child. They may not understand what is going on. Still, if you practice appropriate communication with your child regularly, you could help maintain their focus, conversation, and people skills.

Less Cognitive Stimulation

It is imperative to consider the effects of homeschooling on children’s development. This type of learning is now very much the norm, and parents who had never planned on implementing this at home may experience a lot of stress and exhaustion.

Most parents are also working from home while juggling their children’s homeschooling, which undoubtedly adds even more pressure to the equation. With no formal classroom, work, or professional set up, children’s cognitive stimulation may be weak through parents’ fault. Children require constant attention and activities; otherwise, they can quickly become bored and hyperactive.

Being stuck inside all day does not help with cognitive stimulation either. Children need to enjoy fresh air, outside games that challenge them differently, and the company of others their age. Cognitive development is also dependent on problem-solving, object recognition, and other mental capacities that demand more time than parents may have at their disposal.

Parents Need To Care For Themselves Too

As a parent, it is incredibly crucial that you look after yourself too. As the ones who have to take care of the children and work a job on top of that, if you feel like you cannot cope, it will affect everything else.

Your child’s development depends very much on you too. With everything that is going on, they can only turn to you for guidance and support. As a parent, this is common knowledge. However, during a time so unprecedented such as lockdown, this may be easier to forget.

Remember to support yourself just as you would your child, to ensure that you can encourage their normal development through this strange time. If you lack the motivation for your own self-care, caring for another will be more challenging.

Children are very aware of certain things going on around them, but they look to the adults and caregivers in their lives to make sense of everything they cannot. A third lockdown certainly has the potential to affect a child’s development. However, there are ways to overcome this; focus on what you can provide as a parent and reach out to your early-year providers for extra support and resources.

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