County schools’ spending above state average

Aug 11, 2019 by

Despite the specter of state aid reductions continuing to hover over most Sussex County school districts, all but four of the county’s 26 public school districts exceeded average school spending on a per-student basis in New Jersey for last year, according to newly released figures from the state Department of Education.

The 2019 Taxpayers’ Guide to Education Spending, which was released Wednesday, showed per-student spending coming in at a statewide average of $21,866 for the 2017-18 school year, the most recent school year for which a complete set of data is available.

Among Sussex County school districts, the top five spenders on a per-student basis were High Point Regional ($29,470), Wallkill Valley Regional ($29,202), Hamburg ($28,963), Fredon ($28,178), and Montague ($28,040).

Those spending the least per student in Sussex County included Andover Regional ($18,501), Sussex County Charter ($19,705), Franklin ($20,571), Newton ($21,003), and Byram ($21,253).

Across New Jersey, total per-student spending increased an average of $1,017, or 4.8 percent, above the amount for 2016-17.

The report also includes a separate category of budgetary per-pupil costs, which includes the costs of classroom instruction, support services and administration common to all school districts but omits other costs that may vary from one district to another such as transportation, debt service, tuition expenditures for students sent out-of-district, judgments against a school district, pensions and retiree health benefits.

By omitting certain categories of expenses that can vary significantly among different school districts — Newton, for example, has no in-district busing; Vernon, by contrast, pays significantly to transport its students by bus to and from school each day across the township’s 70 square miles — the report aims to allow for more meaningful comparisons of spending.

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