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Aug 28, 2017 by

Look at your email inbox right now. It’s probably littered with subjects like “GREAT SAVINGS” or “CAN’T MISS DEALS.” Yet when you click on the subject line and take a look at the actual contents, what do you see? Probably nothing you’d want to buy in real life. Sure, a 20 percent off coupon is nice, but not if it’s only usable during a total solar eclipse. And yes, it’s admirable that a company wants to give you a deal to buy one item and get the second 50 percent off, but it’s not so admirable if the coupon comes with so many exclusions that the only eligible items you can find in the store are rubber bands and tie-dyed fedoras.

Too many places offer discounts on things you don’t actually want. Too many places offer discounts on things hardly anyone in their right mind would want. But don’t get frustrated. If you widen your search a bit, you can find some truly great deals and steals.

You may have to look at a wide variety of site to find quality coupons, but they are out there. Look for sites with brands that you know and trust, not cheap knockoffs. If a deal is too good to be true, think long and hard before you use it. For instance, no site should be asking for a lot of personal information before it gives you a coupon code. If it does, then there’s a very good chance someone is trying to scam you. Some companies and websites truly want to build a solid relationship with customers, but others just want to grab your information and run. While most companies would love to get to sign up for their email list, reputable coupon sites will not ask for your mother’s maiden name and Social Security number. Do some research outside the site and see if other users have reported it as scammy or otherwise shady. If there are a lot of unhappy people talking about the same site, proceed with caution. It might not be a red flag, but it’s at least a bright orange one.

And most people probably know this by now, but be wary of sites that promise you “won” free tablets, laptops, or other expensive things. They often come in the form of pop-ups with way too many capital letters and exclamation marks. A sucker is born every minute, and you don’t want to be one of the suckers who clicks on that sort of thing and makes yourself vulnerable to hacks or viruses.

There are also some items that sound kind of fun or cool, but if you think about it, they mostly sound fun or cool because you’re getting a huge discount. Think about how your office reacts when someone announces there’s free donuts in the breakroom. For some people, it doesn’t matter how good or fresh the donuts are; they want to eat as many of them as possible because they’re free. It’s all too easy to buy a product and then let it languish in a basement or storage unit because in reality, you actually have no practical use for it. Do you really need a garden gnome dressed in the uniform of a professional baseball team? Especially when you don’t have a garden and you hate baseball? Chances are no, you do not.

The same goes for larger purchases like furniture and cars; 0% financing is nice, but make sure you’re really understanding exactly what’s being offered and what the details of the promotion are. Find a reputable furniture retailer or trustworthy car dealership and be confident with what you’re buying before you make a larger investment than you planned on.

With the right mix of curiosity and common sense, you can find enough worthwhile coupons to plan a shopping spree. Don’t look to buy something just because it’s on sale; buy it because you want it. The discount should be a bonus; the product should be the prize.

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