Court order reinstates distance learning for disabled students

Nov 8, 2021 by

The students had trouble receiving schooling and other needed services if they chose not to return to in-person classes.

State officials must act immediately to provide distance learning that is comparable to last year for students with disabilities and also adequate to their overall needs, a judge has ordered.

The court finding, in the form of a temporary restraining order issued Thursday, will provide immediate relief for 15 students — with several dozen others that could follow — but there are broad implications for students across California.

The practices at issue arise from Assembly Bill 130, which put in place rules meant to ensure that school districts provided and prioritized in-person instruction for all students this fall after the pandemic resulted in campus closures the previous year.

But the law also had unintended consequences. The alleged harm in this case was that families that wanted remote learning for students with disabilities — including those who needed it for health reasons — faced delays and roadblocks that kept them out of school and denied them needed services.

Source: Court order reinstates distance learning for disabled students – Los Angeles Times

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