CPS reviewing Bronzeville principal’s barring kids from dressing ‘provocatively’

Aug 23, 2018 by

Chicago Public Schools officials are reviewing remarks by King College Prep High School’s new principal, who justified changes to the school’s dress code that bar students from dressing “provocatively” as a necessary measure to help prevent sexual abuse.

“The dress, the dress code, we, as we already stated, there has been sexual abuse cases throughout the city of Chicago. These things are put in place to, why, why should we allow students to dress provocatively,” principal Melanie V. Beatty-Sevier said at a recent meeting of the South Side school’s Local School Council.

Beatty-Sevier’s attempts to continue were cut off by shouted protests.

Her remarks were recorded by an outraged parent who played them Wednesday for members of Chicago’s Board of Education.

Source: CPS reviewing Bronzeville principal’s barring kids from dressing ‘provocatively’ | Chicago Sun-Times

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