CPS students rally against ‘racist and discriminatory’ layoffs

Aug 16, 2016 by

Chicago Public Schools students protested Monday the “racist and discriminatory” firing of district teachers and staff, which they said disproportionately affect low-income schools.

At a rally held outside the Thompson Center, about a dozen young protesters called for quality education and funding to be provided in all schools. The district fired 508 teachers and 521 support staff earlier this month.

Sabah Hussain and George Vassilatos, the rally organizers from the Chicago Student Union group, criticized the district’s cuts for contributing to “systematic oppression.”

Hussain, a senior at Lane Tech, said CPS “targets marginalized communities” and “justifies perpetuating the cycle of poverty under the guise of lack of resources.” The 17-year-old urged the district to find alternatives to layoffs for reducing the district’s $1.1 billion deficit, such as re-allocating surplus money in tax increment financing funds; taxing corporations on LaSalle Street; and cooperating with the Chicago Teachers Union.


Source: CPS students rally against ‘racist and discriminatory’ layoffs | Chicago Sun-Times

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